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  • Reduced wear and premature failure
  • Correct, regular and properly dosed distribution of grease, when needed, where needed
  • Lower direct maintenance costs and savings on parts needing greasing
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved durability of components in friction, supports and bearings
  • Lower lubrication costs
  • Lubrication of hard-to-reach points


What are the benefits of Cetralized Lubrication Systems


Centralised distribution ensures the grease is continuously distributed in necessary and sufficient quantities, without any wastage, preventing any excesses or deficiencies..


Can my company use Centralized Lubrication Systems?


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Do you want to know how much you can save?

Company maintenance costs

The graph shows the incidence of maintenance costs. Lubrication costs are very low, which is why many companies choose not to invest in centralized lubrication systems. However, the graph shows how this perspective and a subsequent lack of attention consequently leads to a significant increase in the overall cost of maintenance for other components.

Premature bearing failure

Scarce lubrication, contaminated grease and heat fatigue are the cause of 50% of breakages and failures in bearings. Centralized lubrication systems allow a drastic reduction in these types of problems.

Lubrication Systems:

correct and regular dosing

Centralized lubrication systems allow the correct, regular, dosed application of grease at perfectly calibrated intervals defined by a maintenance program.

If lubrication is insufficient, the system will be subject to premature wear, potential breakages and downtime, subsequently shortening the life of the system. If lubrication is excessive, the device will overheat, thus generating attrition, not to mention wastage of the primary material.

Lubrication systems on the other hand are able to avoid problems associated with dosing.

Lubrication systems: perfect timing, even in hard-to-reach points

Maintenance staff follows a program, but this doesn’t protect against two types of problems. The first is tied to hard-to-reach points in a machine, forcing maintenance staff to work in less than optimal conditions, thus requiring more time without being able to guarantee efficient results.

The second problem relates to the frequency of maintenance operations. The mobile parts of a machine require the right dose of lubricant to operate efficiently.  To guarantee these conditions, maintenance staff must distribute only a sufficient and necessary amount of lubricant, however in doing so they would be required to intervene more often. To avoid this, maintenance staff distribute a greater quantity of grease in the belief that this will increase the amount of time until their next intervention.

Lubrication systems solve these two problems at the root: they distribute grease in hard-to-reach points, dosing only the correct quantity, at the right frequency

Lubrication System:

benefits and savings

To achieve best performance and durability of machinery, a lubrication system therefore needs to be adapted to the environmental conditions and type of equipment. If machines operate in the presence of dust or suspended particles, during maintenance operations these foreign bodies often end up contaminating the lubricant, which is then distributed to the moving parts with harmful consequences.

Centralized lubrication systems applied to industrial machine tools eliminate this problem and reduce the production of heat caused by friction between components. Automatic lubrication systems offer the possibility to keep machines in a continuous state of good maintenance, in addition to many other benefits:

  • Lubrication of hard-to-reach points
  • Reduced wear and premature failure
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Extended life of components in friction, supports and bearings
  • Savings on the cost of lubricant
  • Healthier work environment

Types of companies that can benefit from centralized grease lubrication systems

Paper Mills
Ports and shipyards
Cement plants
Mechanical workshops
Purification plants
Petrochemical & Tanneries
Waste disposal
Lift construction
Auger construction
Brick machine construction
Marble machine construction
Technical, engineering and design firms

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